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น้ำยาล้างขนาด 250 ml

น้ำยาล้างขนาด 250 ml แพคคู่ 

ราคา 390.- บาท



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R5 AirFilter Cleaner

R5 น้ำยาล้างและเคลือบกรองเปลือย

We supply the entire range of brand new genuine R5 products  We offer fast efficient shipping to almost all locations worldwide with great value prices!
Pictures are genuine for the listed air filter oil & cleaner, you will get what you see! 

The perfect solution for cleaning and prolonging the life of your air filter, each kit contains everything required to clean your filter.
Each kit includes a 350ml pump bottle of Power clean air filter cleaner and 250 milliliter

Treatment spray can of oil.

Kit contains:
250ml pump bottle of Power Clean air filter cleaner
250ml Oil Treatment

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